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Our story... 

The Beard Shed is a husband and wife run business situated in the heart of North London. Mark grew his first ever beard in 2014, which was nothing short of messy and untamed. Unimpressed by her husbands new scruffy look, Racheal scoured the internet for days, and eventually sourced a beard brush and beard oil from a company overseas.

With the rising number of men starting to sport a beard, Racheal thought it was utter madness that hardly any beard care products where available for purchase in the UK. Just a few months later the beard growth boom hit the UK and several new brands arrived on the scene providing beard oils and balms. Mark and Racheal realised most bearded men were buying products from several different brands both in the UK and overseas, but there was no one-stop-shop where they could easily buy everything in one click. 

Spurred by the evident gap in the market, Racheal and Mark launched The Beard Shed in 2015 to provide a UK hub for beard care and maintenance. Initially importing bands from the USA and Morocco, and then adding in a couple of the new UK brands.

Fast forward to today and The Bead Shed has become one of the leading beard care and male grooming stores supplying the finest products and brands from around the world. Despite the continued growth and success of The Beard Shed customer service is and always will be at the front everything we do. Every operation at The Beard Shed is managed by Mark and Racheal, from sourcing new brands to packing your orders, we take pride is what we do and aim to deliver the best possible service.


Our mission... 

We aim to provide the largest collection of beard grooming products found anywhere on the world wide web. We have brought together the finest beard brands from around the world and put them under one roof at

In our store you will find the highest quality beard care products including beard oils, beards balms, beard washes and beard gift sets. Only the finest quality products make it into The Beard Shed so you can be sure you wont find any damaging or artificial ingredients here.


Our promise to you... 

We promise that every order is packed with care and attention, we even add in a little hand written note and a couple of sweets :-)

Over the last few years there has been a sharp growth in the number of companies producing beard care products making it ever harder to know which brands to choose. You can buy with confidence at The Beard Shed in the knowledge that all of the products have been hand selected from months of testing.

We want our customers to tell all their friends about The Beard Shed and come back to us time and time again for their beard care requirements. This is why we put our customers at the front of everything we do.  Our door is always open...if you need some advice about what products to buy, need a recommendation for a gift, or perhaps just want to check in on an order, we would love to hear from you.

Mark & Racheal x