Moustache Wax

Keep your moustache firm and styled with a moustache wax. The Beard Shed have put together a collection of the best moustache waxes from an assortment of world wide brands. Read on to find our why you should be using a moustache wax...

What is moustache wax?

Moustache wax is used as a styling aid to hold the hairs of the moustache in place. The wax will normally be a firm pomade made from natural ingredients. Common ingredients found in moustache waxes are:
  • Beeswax
  • Coconut oil
  • Shea butter
  • Scented oils
Some firmer styling waxes may contain gum arabic or petroleum jelly for added hold. 

Why would I want to use a moustache wax?

Moustache waxes are primarily used to style a moustache and add hold to the style. Premium moustache waxes will also have restorative properties and nourish the hair to prevent breakages. This is ever more important as the hairs become longer with bigger tache's.

What type of wax do I need?

The longer the moustache becomes a firmer / stronger wax is required. Moustache waxes are available in various strengths so be sure to choose the right hold level for the length of your moustache.  Some stronger moustache waxes can build a residue so it is advisable to wash regularly with a good beard wash
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