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Why You Should Be Using A Beard Shampoo

July 20, 2016

difference between normal shampoo and beard shampoo

Time after time we are asked in The Beard Shed ‘why should I use a beard shampoo rather than a regular shampoo, soap or shower gel’?

If you have read our previous blog post about how to use beard oil then you are already on the right path of using dedicated beard care products and you’re starting to understand how these items can become an essential part of your daily beard care regime.

5 Cool And Unique Fathers Day Gifts

June 12, 2016

Perhaps you got dad the BBQ tools last Fathers Day? Or maybe he really doesn't need another pair of socks. Choosing pops a cool Fathers Day gift is no easy feat so we have put our thinking hats on and have come up with 5 totally different pressies that your dad won't be expecting.

different fathers day gifts