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Mariner Jack

Launched in 2014 Mariner Jack beard care range has continued to grown and is a firm favourite in The Beard Shed. An exciting rebrand and new products launched in November 2017 has grow the Mariner Jack fan base even more.

Loved by many, the Mariner Jack beard oils are hand made by Mr and Mrs Jack down on the shores of Cornwall.  All the Mariner Jack beard oils have been created, blended and tested to ensure not only will your beard benefit from all the natural ingredients but the ingredients are also gentle enough to be used on the delicate facial skin.

There's a wide range of Mariner Jack beard oils to choose from, although if you're not looking for a scented beard oil the tried and trusted Mariner Jack, Plain Sailing beard oil is unscented and still has all the amazing benefits of the scented beard oils.

Mariner Jack beard oils also have a matching Mariner Jack beard balm to compliment each scent. Mariner Jack beard balms are available in two sizes and are easy to apply, these are a soft beard balm. High quality butters are used in the Mariner Jack beard balms, these are effective beard balms to use if you are suffering from itchy or dry skin below the facial hair.

The Mariner Jack rebrand has also seen the improved Mariner Jack, Beard Wash.  The Mariner Jack beard wash is gentle enough to use daily and has a subtle, lemon scent which keeps the facial hair smelling fresh. Mariner Jack beard wash is perfect for washing away any product build up, won't strip the delicate facial hair of the natural oils but will strip away the grim from the elements the beard is faced with.

Mariner Jack beard soap bars have also had a facelift to incorporate the new and exciting branding.  The beard soap bars come in a range of scents and are 85g. Mariner Jack beard soap bars are a must have for the bearded gent to keep the beard cleansed and hydrated.

The latest addition to the Mariner Jack beard care range is the Mariner Jack beard and moustache wax. A medium him beard and moustache wax that allows you to shape and style the beard and will keep it in place throughout the beard.  Mariner Jack beard and moustache wax match the scents of the Mariner Jack beard oils and Mariner Jack beard balms. Whether your favourite scent is Navigator or Cargo you'll find the matching beard and moustache wax in The Beard Shed.

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