Beard Wash

The Beard Shed are proud to offer the largest online collection of beard washes and shampoos. Do you really need a beard wash? Absolutely! Read on to find out why...

What is a beard wash?

A beard wash is a shampoo designed for washing and cleansing the beard hair. It is used in the same way as a typical hair shampoo by lathering into the hair and rinsing out.

Why do I need a beard shampoo?

You may ask why earth would you need to use a specialist beard wash, whats wrong with good ol' fashioned shampoo? Well my bearded friend the answer is simple...... Traditional shampoo contain harsh detergents and chemicals which are required to effectively clean your head hair and the scalp below. These type of shampoos are not designed to be used on the face and are actually very damaging to the beard and skin underneath.

You may have noticed that beard hair is often a different colour and texture to head hair. This is because beard hair is very different and requires different care and maintenance. Traditional shampoo will remove the natural oils in your beard and make it very dry and brittle. This is extremely undesirable if you are trying to grow your beard as it will be prone to snapping as it grows. 

All of the beard washes in The Beard Shed are made with 100% natural ingredients designed for your use on your face and beard.  Used daily alongside a beard oil or beard balm a good beard wash will help create the perfect environment for growing a thicker and more fuller beard. 

So forget ever using normal shampoo on your face again - get smart and buy a beard wash today.

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