Claim your scent with an aftershave from our unique collection. The Beard Shed has put together a collection of aftershaves that are guaranteed to turn heads, for the right reasons.

Agua De Colonia - Barberia Eau de Cologne


Agua De Colonia - Concentrated Eau de Cologne Spray (150ml)


Captain Fawcett - Booze and Baccy Eau De Parfum by Ricki Hall (50ml)


Captain Fawcett - Eau de Parfum - Original (50ml)


Captain Fawcett, Barberism Eau De Cologne by Sid Sottung (50ml)


Captain Fawcett, Triumphant Eau De Parfum by Rufus Hound (50ml)


Heath, Post Shave Repair (100ml)


Proraso - Aftershave Balm - Cypress and Vetiver (100ml)


Proraso - Aftershave Balm - Wood and Spice (100ml)