Claim your scent with an aftershave from our unique collection. The Beard Shed has put together a collection of aftershaves that are guaranteed to turn heads, for the right reasons.

Agua De Colonia - Barberia Eau de Parfum


Agua De Colonia - Concentrated Eau de Cologne Spray (150ml)


Captain Fawcett - Booze and Baccy Eau De Parfum by Ricki Hall (50ml)


Captain Fawcett - Eau de Parfum - Original (50ml)


Captain Fawcett, Alessandro Manfredini Eau De Parfum (50ml)


Captain Fawcett, Barberism Eau De Cologne by Sid Sottung (50ml)


Captain Fawcett, Triumphant Eau De Parfum by Rufus Hound (50ml)


Heath, Post Shave Repair (100ml)


Percy Nobleman, Signature Eau De Toilette (100ml)