Beard Balms

Looking for a beard balm? Look no further...The Beard Shed have put together the webs largest collection of premium beard balms to keep your bristles soft and styled. Read on to learn about the benefits of using a beard balm...

What is beard balm

A beard balm is used to add moisture to your beard, just like beard oil, but a balm also has the added benefit of providing a light hold for styling unruly and frizzy hairs. A beard balm is a solid wax like substance that is normally available in a tin.

Why should I use a beard balm?

A thick masculine beard may be the height of fashion, but there is no excuse for an unkept beard that is wild and out of control. Frequent use of a beard balm will tame your facial hair and keep your beard in tip top condition by adding moisture, deodoriser and nourishment. A good balm will be fragranced to keep your beard fresh and also provide the added benefit of creating the optimum conditions for thick healthy beard growth. 

All of our beard balms provide moisture and hold to style your beard and prevent it from drying out. Choose a balm over an oil if you are looking for lasting control and a fuller looking beard. Balms will add hold and keep straying hairs to a minimum. Beard balms are normally matte in finish and wont add the slight shine provided with many oils, again helping the beard look more dense and fuller.

If you have a thin beard with patches then using a beard balm to help make your beard appear thicker and fresher is a must.

What type of beard balm is best for me?

There are many different types of balms available, and some are better quality than others. Stay clear of balms containing petroleum jelly. These synthetic sealants will damage your beard and can cause skin irritations and rashes. The Beard Shed recommend using a beard balm with an all natural sealant to prevent irritation and improve growth. Choose from our top recommended beard balms which all contain 100% natural sealants like cocoa butter, lanolin, shea butter or beeswax.

Top tip - Make a patchy beard look fuller by choosing a beard balm containing shea butter. This is a thicker balm that adds direction to your hair follicles and coats the hairs to give a fuller look to your beard. Don't forget it's also important to keep your facial hair fresh and clean with a specialist beard wash as part of your beard care regime.

In addition to choosing a balm with a natural sealant It's also important to make sure that your beard balm contains a natural moisturiser like coconut oil, argan oil, palm kernel oil or jojoba.  Without a good quality moisturiser the balm will simply seal in dryness and make the hairs brittle and prone to breaking.

Top 5 reasons to use a beard balm:

  1. Adds moisture to the hair and skin
  2. Adds light hold
  3. Helps make the beard look thicker
  4. Creates a matte look
  5. Adds a light fragrance
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