Beard Oil

Shop the webs largest collection of beard oils. Chosen from the best brands from around the globe, our beard oils are guaranteed to keep your beard happy. New to beard oil? Read on to find out why your beard needs it...

What is beard oil?

Beard oil is an essential product that moisturises and conditions both your beard and skin. Quality beard oils are often combined with natural fragrances to provide a fresh masculine scent whilst caring for your beard. Our range of beard oils are available in either bottles or pumps to suit your preference.

Why should I use a beard oil?

If you are growing a beard it's extremely important to take good care of your facial hair growth and nourish the skin below. Our beard oils will add moisture to your beard and help keep it fresh and healthy, whilst adding essential oils to the skin to prevent dryness and dandruff. A good beard oil will reduce itching and create the perfect conditions for healthy beard growth. If you are looking for a product that provides hold you might want to choose a beard balm, but If you are looking to keep your beard hydrated and soft then applying a beard oil is a must. 

Are all beard oils the same?

Whilst applying a beard oil is recommended for maintaining a thick healthy beard, it's important to note that not all beard oils are created equal. A good quality beard oil will be scented with a blend of natural essential oils. Inferior beard oil products will be fragranced with unnatural synthetic oils, that can actually cause more harm than good by drying out and damaging the beard. At The beard Shed we strongly recommend using a beard oil containing a base of tea tree, argan or jojoba oil. These natural products have a long shelf life and offer the best overall moisture and protection for growing a full thick beard. They also have the benefit of being light weight, which means they are easily absorbed and wont clog up your pores.


Top 5 reasons to use a beard oil:

  1. A softer beard
  2. More healthy and stronger beard
  3. Keep the skin below fresh and healthy
  4. Adds shine to your beard
  5. Helps promote thick growth
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