Founded over 40 years ago, Azbane is a leading producer of beard care products.  


The finest collection of beard care products all made in Morocco using locally sourced, natural ingredients.

Azbane beard oil contains Argan Oil which is sourced in Morocco and is expertly blended with essential oils to create unique and sophisticated scents.  Azbane beard oils are luxurious and will leave the beard feeling hydrated and soft to touch.

Our best selling beard wash has to be the Azbane Beard, Face and Hair wash, packed full of natural ingredients the Azbane beard wash can be used even on sensitive skin. This beard wash comes in a variety of sizes to allow you even take your favourite Azbane beard wash with you when travelling and the bottle has a handy pump applicator.

Azbane moustache wax is a solid wax that requires warming before use, this is a strong hold wax and a little goes a long way. Azbane moustache wax is lighted scented with delicate orange blossom ensure your senses are not over powered by a song scent.

Like the Azbane beard oil the Azbane beard balm also contains locally sourced Argan Oil. The added addition of Argan Oil in Azbane beard balm ensures the beard is kept seriously hydrated and with the butters and waxes you'll be able to style the beard.  The Azbane beard balm is also lightly scented with orange blossom, if you like a more powerful scent try layering the Azbane Oil with the Azbane Beard Balm.

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