Why You Should Be Using A Beard Shampoo

by Racheal Migliaccio on July 20, 2016

Time after time we are asked in The Beard Shed ‘why should I use a beard shampoo rather than a regular shampoo, soap or shower gel’?

If you have read our previous blog post about how to use beard oil then you are already on the right path of using dedicated beard care products and you’re starting to understand how these items can become an essential part of your daily beard care regime.

What are the big differences between a regular shampoo and a beard shampoo?

Regular hair shampoo will most likely be full of harsh chemicals that will strip your beard of the natural oils which will leave the skin beneath the beard dry, leading to itchy or flaky skin. Stripping your beard of its natural oils can cause your beard to become dry and brittle which can result in split ends or bald patches. Bald patches can occur in the beard when the roots become weakened and damaged, this can happen if the beard hair follicles become too dry. 

By using a good beard shampoo you will be reducing these risks, dedicated beard shampoos have been specially formulated to work with the natural oils in your beard and skin.

beard shampoo

Regularly using a beard shampoo or wash will help to prevent the dreaded beard-druff, itchiness and most importantly you can keep your beard smelling fresh!

Since you are now looking to keep your beard clean, you're more likely past the subtle stubble stage which means you have most likely experienced the itchy stage of growing a beard. This point of beard growth is very common and very disheartening, you must persist. Scratching your beard is not a good look and you’ll eventually end up with a sore boat race. Using a beard shampoo will help to lock moisture into the beard hair follicles which will help to prevent a dry, itchy beard. If you are already using a beard oil and beard balm then it is essential that you do not use a regular shampoo, as all the good work you have done with your balms and oils will literally be stripped away leaving you with a beard resembling a brillo pad.

Beard wash scents

No doubt you have come across the beard haters or the people who think that growing a beard is just a ‘stage’. Keeping your beard smelling fresh is essential to keeping the haters at bay, don’t give them another reason to mock your manly facial hair. If you’re not looking for a scented beard wash, then fear not, The Beard Shed stocks unscented washes like Mariner Jack Plain Sailing or very subtly scented beard washes like Oak. There’s a wash available for every beard, all shapes, colours and sizes.

Lock in your beard colours with a dedicated beard shampoo

Do you colour your beard? If you have noticed a few grey or red hairs amongst the black beard you sport then you may well be dying your beard to ensure the curtains match the carpet. It's really important to use a beard shampoo if you are colouring your beard, as we have explained that regular shampoos strip the beard of the naturally occurring sebum oil it will also cause the coloured beard hairs to fade. Leaving you with uneven colour tones and you’ll be applying the colour quicker than your beard oil.

How to use beard shampoo

Once you start to use a beard shampoo or wash they can become quite addictive and many of our beadsmen ask how often they should use the beard shampoo. It really is down to you, it will all depend on your beard and what kind of environment your beard is exposed too. When you start to use a new beard wash or any beard care products you will want to ensure the beard doesn’t become irritated in any way. 2 to 3 times a week should be sufficient to washing your beard. If you have a longer beard and you travel on the tube every day you may wish to use a beard wash like Azbane 3 in 1 wash. This beard wash is gentle but seriously cleansing, being a 3 in 1 you can use it on the beard, face and hair, just leave it in your shower and use it when you feel like it. In a nut shell wash your beard as often as you wash the hair on your head.

Beard shampoos and bars are easy to use. With a beard shampoo, use a ten pence piece size of wash, apply to your palms and gently massage through a wet beard, create a lather and then wash the shampoo out of the beard using clean warm water. If you decide to use a shampoo bar, like the Brighton Beard Company, Millers shampoo bar then wet the beard, moisten the shampoo bar and rub the beard between your hands to create a lather. Apply the shampoo to the beard, work it throughout, making sure all the beard is covered and then rinse out well with warm, clean water.

Most of the washes come with a pump applicator, with water proof labels, meaning you can leave them in your shower along with your other products.

Once you’ve got your beard looking and smelling fresh you can continue to use your beard care kit as normal. If you’re looking to not only cleanse the beard but also give it a little bit of TLC then try using a beard softener like the Beardbrand range or a beard moisturiser like the Azbane beard and face moisturiser.

Beard Shampoo’s shouldn’t replace your regular beard oils or beard balms, beard shampoos and beard washes should be used alongside your oils and balms to compliment your regular routine.

Beard shampoos or beard soap bars?

Beard washes are available as solid shampoo bars or as a liquid wash. Some people love the bars, others prefer the liquid option, the choice really is up to you…. but there are a few subtle differences to be aware of.

Shampoo bars are made from natural oils and butters which will nourish your beard and skin.

beard soap bar

Shampoo bars are renowned for packing a powerful scent and producing a never ending lather. They are great for short to medium beards and can be rubbed directly into the beard and face. If you have a slightly longer beard the bars are best first rubbed into your hands to produce a lather and then massaged into the beard. Beard shampoo bars can leave your beard feeling a little dry if used to often, and are best used no more than a couple of times a week.

Beard shampoo liquid washes tend to be very gentle and highly cleansing. Liquid washes are great for beards of all lengths and are best applied into the hands and then massaged through the beard, in the same way you would wash your head hair. Some beard shampoos provide a three in one wash that is suitable for head, face and beard. The Azbane liquid wash is produced with the highest quality Moroccan Argan oil and is our best selling three in one wash.

liquid beard shampoo