by Racheal Migliaccio on April 28, 2018

The weather is finally starting to pick up and our team at The Beard Shed couldn’t be more excited. With spring well and truly in our step and colder days becoming a thing of the past, our latest blog introduces our series which explores exactly why you should keep your beard in tip-top shape during the warmer climates.

We know what you’re thinking, a beard for summer? Well, YES – we all believe that beards are a trusted source of winter warmth but when it comes to reliable insulation, your beard growth is one hairy friend that you cannot rely on. This translates to a summer benefit; as your beard doesn’t retain heat during the blistering summer months (blistering = over-exaggeration for those of us who are in the UK) meaning that it can, in fact, keep you cool!

The first thing that should be a priority during the summer is beard hygiene as none of us want a smelly, sweaty beard and we have the perfect products for just that.

Our fantastic range of Beard Wash products have one purpose – to wash and cleanse beard hair. It is used in the same way as a typical hair shampoo by lathering into the hair and rinsing out.

Summer beard care tips

You may wonder why you need to use specialist beard wash and why you can’t use the shampoo that you already have in your shower. Well, my bearded friends, the answer is simple…traditional shampoo products contain harsh detergents and chemicals, which are required to effectively clean your head hair and the scalp below. These types of shampoos are not designed for use on the face and are actually very damaging to the beard and skin underneath.

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Come back next week for the next tip in our summer preparation series…