A Christmas Gift Guide For The Bearded Chap

by Racheal Migliaccio on November 29, 2016

What to buy the bearded one for christmas?

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As the christmas season is fast approaching many of us will be panic buying, if you’re looking the perfect gift for your bearded one this festive season then let The Beard Shed take the panic out of christmas shopping. With no need to dash around a crowed shop, you can shop at your own speed in the comfort of your home. We’ll even give you our editors choice for the perfect christmas gift.


Have you pulled the bearded straw in your round of secret santa this year? Fear not, we have a whole range of gifts that are £10 and under which are perfect for a secret santa gift or stocking filler.

Not only will the beard brothers be keeping their beards and moustaches in check during this silly season but they’re also going to be able to maintain a soft and manageable beard by regularly using beard care products like beard oils.


Christmas means boooooze!

What do we all do at christmas time. . . . . we bring out the booze, check out the Captain Fawcett Booze and Baccy Moustache Wax, the perfect secret santa gift or if you’re looking for a couple of stocking fillers then you can always add the Captain Fawcett’s Booze and Baccy beard oil, it comes in a handy 10ml size and is only £11. Looking to really treat the bearded one then you could buy the gift set snd get the wax and the oil in together.


Beard care gift sets for your loved one

Looking to buy for your bearded love one then look no further, The Beard Shed is packed full of gift sets, ranging from The Brighton Beard Company, Groombridge Gift set, 3 of the popular beard oils, Black Pepper & Grapefruit, Mandarin & Cedarwood and Ylang Ylang & Sandlewood right through to the luxury gift sets like Beardbrand Beadsmen kit or Azbane, Moroccan Argan Gift Set.

Our favourites and total crowd pleaser has to be the Big Red Kits, The Rambler kit comes with a travel size beard oil and beard balm and a walnut No9 beard comb all kept safe in a handmade wooden case, the Reserve kit is also a winner, again it comes beautifully presented in a handmade wooden case with a small beard oil and beard balm.

Our top 5 beard care products for Xmas

Perhaps you’re not looking for a gift set and you just want to buy a few items but you’re not sure which products are essential to maintaining and grown a healthy beard. Where do we start, this list of beard care items are never ending, luckily we’ve put our expertise to use and we’ve come up with the essential top 5 must haves for any beadsman.

  • Beard Oil - Essential for daily use, beard oils not only keep the facial hairs soft and manageable, they add scent to the beard and keep the delicate skin below the beard hydrated. Not only are you looking after the beard when using a beard oil but you’re also caring for the skin, what more could you need! You literally can’t go wrong with the Beardbrand tea tree oil, refreshing and soothing.
  • Beard Balm - Add shape and texture to the beard. If you’re bearded one has a fuller beard then a balm can add nourishment to any dry, coarse hairs, it will keep the beard in style and like a beard oil it will keep the skin hydrated and can also come in some fabulous scents. The Azbane beard balm is a firm favourite in the shed, lightly fragrance with orange blossom, it’s soft enough to work through the beard and gives a medium, lasting hold.
  • Beard Wash - A beard wash is a total must have for every bearded guy, unlike regular shampoos, beard washes and shampoos are specially formulated to replenish, cleanse and repair the beard. Regular hair shampoo’s will strip away the natural oils which are found in the beard leaving the beard dry and corse to touch. Whilst beard washes are gentle they are tough enough to wash away the harsh environment the beard is faced with daily, they are all subtly scented and perfect to use on all skin types. If you’re not too sure which scent would be best for your bearded loved one we stock a range of unscented beard washes like the Mariner Jack beard wash.
  • Beard Combs - Keeping the beard under control is what every beadsman is looking for, using a comb will help him to keep his locks knot free and will also allow products such as oils and balms to be evenly distributed throughout the beard. We stock a fabulous range from Big Red beard combs, all of the combs are for different lengths of beards, No3 for shorter beard, No9 for medium length beards and the No35 for big, burly beards.
  • Moustache Wax - Whilst I realise you are looking for a beard care gift, the moustache must not be forgotten. A serious beard means a serious moustache! This christmas season we are seriously in love with the Proraso Moustache Wax, it’s almost like a paste in texture but once applied it has a strong hold and the scent of wood and spice is just divine.

Here’s out editors top 5 gift ideas this christmas:

Booze and Baccy Moustache Wax - £10

Beardbrand Tea Tree Beard Oil - £25

Azbane Beard Wash - £22.99

Mariner Jack, Navigator Beard Balm - £15.50

Big Red Beard Comb, No9 Pin Up girl - £17.95

Still not sure what you need to put on your shopping list, take a look at our top selling Beard Box. The Beard Shed Beard Box contains hand selected items, combing the best brands in one box... flaming lovely!

If you really cant decide or you have no idea what they would like then our gift cards make xmas beard care an easy buy.

Don’t forget whilst you are shopping in The Beard Shed, we now also stock hair styling products, shaving products, aftershaves and other gentlemen’s grooming accessories.