Are You Beach Beard Ready?

by Mark Migliaccio on May 15, 2016

Summer 2016 is almost in bloom, and whilst all the women are discussing if it is conversional and offensive to ask if you are beach body ready, we take absolutely no hesitation in asking....

Are you beach BEARD ready?

Sandy beaches and hot climates are scary places for even the most accomplished beardsmen, but with our expert advice you can be sure your beard is looking its best in all situations.

The Beard Shed want you to be as prepared as a boy scout for your summer holidays, so pack your bags, grab your toothbrush and for god sake don't forget your beard brush.

Here's our top tips for staying beach beard ready this summer:

Choose beard oil not balm

If you are going away to a hot climate it will be wise to pack a beard oil rather than a beard balm. High temperatures can cause bead balms to liquefy and reduce down to their original states. Trying to apply a few drops of melted beard balm from a round pot can be a messy and complicated procedure. Our travel size beard oils are perfect for packing in your bag and taking away on your holidays, being under 100ml they can also be carried onboard in hand luggage.

If you really must take a beard balm we recommend taking something with a strong wax like hold, such as the ever popular Azbane beard balm

Pack a beard wash

Sandy beaches, suncream, ice cream.... all sound like fun, but are seriously hazardous to many a beard. Make sure you pack a travel sized beard wash to cleanse your beard at the end of each day. Our beard care travel essentials collection contains a few of the best beard washes and shampoos ideal for taking away on your summer holidays.

Don't forget the beard conditioner

Exposing your beard to a new environment can leave it feeling dry and brittle. Avoid having a coarse beard by applying a travel sized beard conditioner immediately after washing. Be sure to leave the conditioner in your beard for a good five minutes before rinsing out.

Take your favourite travel sized beard comb

Every serious beardsman owns an array of beard combs and brushes, so select your smallest comb that will fit snuggly inside your toiletry bag. Be sure to check out our beard maintenance travel essentials collection if you need a smaller beard comb.

Keep your tache pointing to the sun

It's fine for your ice cream to melt but a drooping moustache is never acceptable. Keep your stache strong with a little dab of moustache wax. Why not try a handy sized tube of BeardBrand's moustache wax. These small 15oz twist tubes offer easy application and good level of hold.

Need a travel bag? Our friends at The Brighton Beard Co. make it super easy to keep all your beard care essentials well organised and accessible with their stylish brown leather wash bag.

If you follow our advice we are sure your beard will stay looking its best at all times this summer, so why not send us a snap from your hols looking "BEACH BEARD READY"

Our favourite pic chosen on September 1st 2016 will win a hamper of top beard care products.

The rules of competition:

  1. You must be on a beach
  2. You must have a beard 

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