How to apply beard oil

by Mark Migliaccio on April 12, 2016

At The Beard Shed we are often asked how to apply beard oil. We receive emails and tweets on a daily basis from new customers saying "I have just bought a beard oil from your website, but how should I apply it?"

First we will provide you with our short answer, but for an expertly detailed guide read on.

Question: How do I apply beard oil?

Answer: Apply 2-3 drops of oil to the palm of your hand and rub your hands together. Now rub your hands down the sides of your beard and through the beard hair on your chin. Using your thumbs and forefingers apply the oil to your moustache. Finally comb through with a beard comb.

Now for the detailed answer that will teach you how to apply your beard oil like a pro.

This how-to guide sets out to explain the best way to apply beard oil and will hopefully demonstrate just how simple the process should be. 

If you long for stroke-able chops and endeavour to prevent your scruff from being tuff, then read on and follow our step-by-step tutorial for applying beard oil.

How to apply beard oil tutorial

1 - Dispensing the oil

This is the process of getting the oil out of the bottle and on to your hands. There are several types of bottles on the market with different dispensing methods. We will cover the 4 main types of bottle in a future article, but for now lets assume the bottle has a pipette.

Squeeze the head of the pipette and insert it fully into the bottle ensuring it is deep enough to enter the oil. Now release the head and the pipette will draw up oil into the chamber.

2 - Add a few drops to your hands

Next we need to transfer the beard oil from inside the pipette to our hands. When starting out with beard oil less really is more, so start by using just 2-3 drops. 

To release the oil from the pipette dropper simply squeeze the rubber head. A short, quick squeeze is all that is required for a small drop. Do not fully squeeze the pipette head as this will release too much oil.

3 - Rub hands together

After you have dispensed the required amount of oil to your hands give them a quick rub together to spread the oil all over the surface of your palms.

4 - Apply the beard oil to your face 

This is best done in 3 stages:

Rub your hands down the sides of your face from top to bottom twice and then from bottom to top twice.

Next run run each hand in turn over and under your chin and then back in the other direction.

Finally don't forget the tache. Using your thumbs and forefingers work the oil trough from the centre to the outer tips of your moustache

    5 - Comb the oil through

    Don't overlook this stage, it's really important to use a good beard comb to finish working the oil in. Turn the comb so the teeth are facing your beard and then comb the beard and moustache downwards. Turning  the comb this way helps ensure the oil is worked evenly through the beard and also helps the oil get down under the beard hair to your skin.

    How often should I apply beard oil?

    We get asked this question a lot, and I mean A LOT. How often you apply your beard oil will really depend on several factors, such as length of beard, type of oil, humidity of surrounding, beard hair coarseness etc. Putting these variables aside I would recommend using a beard oil once a day to start with and use this as a guide. If you beard feels like it needs more oil then go ahead and apply twice a day, once in the morning and again in the evening.

    I personally use beard oil twice a day, however I know people with thick healthy looking beards that only apply an oil twice a week. So the frequency of application will really depend on how much or little your beard needs it.  

    When is the best time to apply beard oil?

    Beard oil can be applied at any time of the day but is always best applied immediately after a hot shower when your skin is slightly damp. The pores will be open and able to absorb higher amounts of the oil. 

    Did you know - beard oil is also beneficial for your head hair and skin? After applying beard oil I rub an remains into my elbows to prevent any dry skin.

    How much beard oil should I use?

    Again this really depends on your beard hair and how much it needs. The longer your beard gets the more oil it will need, so with that in mind here are our recommendations for you to use as a guide.

    1-3 months beard growth 1-3 drops
    3-6 months beard growth 2-5 drops
    6-12 months beard growth 4-6 drops
    12 months + beard growth 6-10 drops


    So now you know how to apply beard oil like a pro make sure you are using the best beard oils which are all available right here in The Beard Shed.


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